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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aww, C'mon!! - Packers file tampering charges against Vikings over Favre:
"Meanwhile,, citing an anonymous source, said the Packers have filed tampering charges with the NFL against the Minnesota Vikings, alleging 'inappropriate dialogue' with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, a close friend of Favre's and a former Packers assistant."
What it couldn't possibly be that (a) they are close friends and (b)Farve had already approached Green Bay about getting back in the game and they wouldn't commit???
Another thing - Favre retired .... why this obligates him to still be part of the GB team is beyond me. That's like saying if you retire from Ford you can't later decide to go work for Chrysler ... sure they wouldn't like it - but how can they stop you??

My guess is it went more like:
Favre called his old friend who now works for the Vikes.
they more than likely talked about football (after all that's what they do)
Favre probably mentioned that GB wouldn't commit ... wouldnt let him go either.
Friend probably joked - why don't you come play for us.
Favre probably said 'think they'd want me?'
friend probably said 'wouldn't hurt to ask'
next convo was probably 'hears what they said' ' need to get released before we can talk' etc.
Favre was probably keeping friend abreast of convos with GB.

Now is that trying to steal him, or is it friendly banter between two friends??

But why he would want to come to MN is beyond me -- other than the fact that he wouldn't have to move the family, he will not get a warm welcome from the Vik fans ... fact it will probably be colder than Brett's final game (below zero).

Especially with this little tad of info:
"... In an unaired portion of Favre's interview with "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren," Favre apparently said Campen [Green Bay's Offensive Line Coach] recently made an unexpected visit to his home in Mississippi and said he had "an answer" for Favre regarding his desire to unretire.
"He says, 'You know, I know they told you they're moving on and playing there's not an option,"' Favre said, according to a full transcript of the interview obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Playing here in Green Bay is not an option, which that's what they want. They want to move on. But I'm telling you, if you reinstate or you force their hand, back them in a corner, they feel like they have no other option, they're going to accept you back."'
"And he said, 'Just telling you.' And I said, 'OK."' ..."
that is going to make any chance of him being welcomed even smaller.

This means that not only is Favre playing the odds but he is playing with MN honor! He is setting us up! GB is setting us up! this is completely wrong, on so many levels.

you don't poke a Viking in the eye and then ask to sit in his boat!

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