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Monday, July 07, 2008


BBC NEWS Americas US candidates practise their U-turns:
"During his 2000 bid for the Republican nomination, relations between Mr McCain and Christian Coalition founder Jerry Falwell were notoriously fractious.
The Arizona senator memorably described Mr Falwell and fellow members of the religious right as 'agents of intolerance'.
But in 2006, ahead of his second presidential run, Mr McCain delivered the commencement address at Mr Falwell's Liberty University, after which he attended a small private party hosted by his former political adversary."
Now I wouldn't really take this as a 'flip-flop' ... he gave a commencement speech and attended the 'thank you' gathering ... it would be rude not to do so - and you don't necessarily have to agree with a university's founder in order to give a speech there.
"... But when the Supreme Court recently ruled that Guantanamo detainees should have access to US courts, Mr McCain described it as "one of the worst decisions in the history of the country"... "
This still isn't a flip-flop. McCain didn't agree with the way that people were being held without end, but he can still disagree with the move to have them get the same rights as a US citizen even though they are accussed of working towards the downfall of our country.

Obama --
Well there's the famous flop on campaign financing -- taking out the fairness of it all .... like anyone really believed he was going to give up all that money from hollywood. Oh and for his fault he's playing the childish 'Did Not' card about his promise to still to the funding limits ... well this is kind of true -- just like he had said that he had no intention of running for President when he was first elected to congress a few short years back.

and then there's the DC gun-ban law that paperwork from his campaign says he supports (the 'draft' isn't the issue, its the questionairre that he filled out and DID sign) ... only now he says its a good thing the ban was overturned -- well not really ... he's hedging it.

His views on Iraq are being 'revised' at the moment -- i.e. don't be surprised by a flip-flop.

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Basically all this means -- neither one has the intestinal fortitude to be President and stick to their guns.

I am so sick of the 'finger in the air' politics that seemed to take off during the Viet Nam war -- come on people, have some balls.

Choose a position and stick with it -- while we the people are getting screwed -- this isn't sex -- changing positions in not a good thing!!

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