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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hogwarts Sock Swap ... hee hee hee

okay so I must be a glutton for punishment ... tomorrow is the day that I can sign up for the the HSS4 -- So I'm thinking that we will probably have until Halloween to get the packages to our partners again since this is taking place now.

At least I'm hoping so.

So if it follows the same pattern as last year I will get my partner while on summer vacation -- and then I will have about a month to decide, get the yarn for, and whip up a set of socks.

Now I didn't see anything about there being a knitting requirement but I don't know how to crochet socks so I guess that limits my field -- of course I could just get some crocheted patterns like I did for socks and learn ... I think I've got a pretty good foundation in crocheting (I've only been doing it since I was 4).

so I am really biddng my time here so I can get my letter off to the HeadMistress at midnight ... heeheehee.

I will be qualified as a second year this time since I missed the last one -- so I will have to make socks, a book mark, and send a sock pattern and set of needles.

This will be interesting. I will be sure to do them top to bottom this time -- and I made sure that I have enough dpns in any one sz to work both socks at the same time if I go with a more simple pattern so that they are the same size.

I had tried to learn to use two circs this summer (remember the red sock?) but I was having issues with the danglers. It was like trying to contain an octopus -- only thing it did do for me was teach me that working with dpns from the top down wasn't so bad after all.

Oh that pair of socks is still a WIP -- I touch them once in a while but those danglies are driving me batty.

I did start a new pair which I am will to set aside for a while -- they are meant for my daughter when (if) she graduates in 2 years. The yarn's color has her name in it so I thought I would be great to stitch them up in time for commencement.

I'm sure I will have them done -- now she just has to do her part.

So I should have plenty of time to do the socks ... and with hubby talking about going out of town on business quite a bit it is perfect timing so I don't miss him too much. If I can keep the iPod addiction under control -- ha ha ha.

Oh and I suppose the 'news addiction' too.

Time to get this blog back to mostly crafting again.

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