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Monday, July 14, 2008

Movei Monday

YouTube - Standard Poodle fetches paper: ""
Again - not my dog.

But we used to have a miniture (10-15" at whithers) poodle who would do the same thing. It was back when there were two competing newspapers in our town, one in the morning - one in the evening ... my folks liked the evening paper and so did Starr.

She would go crazy everyday around 4pm when it would get delivered -- boy did she get upset when they missed the step and hit the window instead, mom wouldn't let her have it then (oh and my mom wasn't too happy about the whole thing either).

Once the papergirl asked if she could hand the paper to the dog - bad move - Starr was normally a perfect lady, but when it came to that paper only people she wanted to touch it were her family members. She didn't bite the girl - but she took it from her with a growl & pretty forcibly .... needless to say, we never allowed that again.

So - in homage to our Miniture Poodle, Starr, I present another newspaper loving poodle (although this one is a Standard Poodle)

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