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Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Freak Out

Okay maybe this is more like a Thursday "thought to go" .... but why is it that in a Presidential race, after the candidates have said such hurtful, hate-filled things during the primaries they can turn around and ask these people to be their VP?

someone should go back on Youtube and find the debates and see what was said about each other .... the repubs were kind of nasty with each other ... the dems seemed to only go after Bush (like he was going to be in the race).

although it did start to get a little nasty there for a while -- and real nasty when it was down to BO/HC ... but still they seemed to be running against Bush, the same way that the Repubs kept acting like they were running against BC ... but then it was Al Gore that was running - so it was more plausible that it would be 'more of the same'.

Now if only they would stick to the real issues instead of playing head-games with the American public .... yeah right. C'mon - just be honest and say 'there is no way we are going to be able to give any tax cuts without raising taxes to begin with' or 'listen, we all know that no matter what we say -- your taxes are going to go up' or 'you know, we really aren't that different from each other -- the only difference is the R or D by our name'

Wouldn't it be a kicker if McCain/Obama chose each other as running mates and all we had to do was decide which one was Pres and which was VP?

You know -- that's the way it used to be .... highest vote was Pres, second highest was VP. That's the way the forefathers had it set up!!

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