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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

hufflepuff savenger hunt -

Don't know if this will qualify (being that I am from Slytherin and not Hufflepuff) but it will still be great fun to do:\

1. Head of House: Professor Sprout

2. Ghost: Fat Friar

3. First sorted into house in books: Hannah Abbott

4. House points after year 1: 352

5. Port Key used after the Quidditch World Cup: Old Rubber Tire

6. plant used to Protect the Stone: Devil's Snare

7. Book 'Mad-eye Moody' gave Neville? Magical Waterplants of the Mediterranean

8. Plant that Harry ate to breath under water? Gilly-weed
a) professor sprout
b) a thestral
c) hagrid (with Fang)

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