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Sunday, August 10, 2008

OlympicsL Archery, Men's team

2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games Competition & Events Day-by-Day Schedule NBC Olympics
Okay so I've been enjoying watching the games live via internet thru NBC .... tonight I'm watching China vs. Ukraine mens, team competition ...

i noticed that there is one Ukrainian guy who likes to tilt his bow after each shot which tends to shift the shot .... another holds his pull for so long that his arm starts to shake, screwing up his shot ... the last shooter keeps pulling their butts out of the fite. (they did win the round though)

China's team had a lot of 'line' shots ... some were just terrible - I thought they would have cleaned the Ukranians clocks with the long standing history of horseback warfare! If nothing else china seems to charish its ancestery and attempts to keep it 'alive' .... I really thought they would have been better than scoring '7's and '8's.

but then I suppose even Robin Hood had his bad days.

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