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Thursday, August 21, 2008

stitchers block

Aw man, I started casting on today .... I started .... then kept getting interrupted ... left and right .... then my stomach started up (I shouldn't have had that big glass of milk - but I just can't resist Nesquick) ...

So I have the stitches cast on for one sock ... and half the stitches for the other. You would have thought I could have gotten back into it this evening -- but its just too hot in the house to think of working with wool.

it is still over 80F in the house even with the a/c running in our room - yes we have those stupid window units - and set to 66F to try to draw out the major humidity that there is too.

now if the tummy settles, I should be able to get some work done tomorrow .... I decided to use a cable cast on because it seemed rather stretchy in my swatch and it seems to keep itself neat as stitches are worked thru ....

I have noticed that the stitches like to twist more than my regular cast on, so I'm hoping that it won't twist while I'm working those first few rows which would be devestating.

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