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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well that's logical ..... NOT

Obama rips Fox News - Kenneth P. Vogel -
"Obama said GOP attackers “will run negative ad after negative ad, attack after attack, with the goal of making you lose focus on the issues. … and focus on me and try to make me out to be a risky, scary guy.”

“Now I must say: I don’t find myself particularly scary or particularly risky,' he said."
Well I'm sure Jeffery Dahmer didn't either -- nor did Alfonso Rodriguez jr -- nor Bush, I have to add since so many think he is .... your preception of yourself is actually quite irrelavent.

But why is failed to be mentioned is that FoxNews has always pointed out to claims that Obama is muslim, that he is not muslim, that he is baptist. But hey - if Obama is going to start looking at one hand and not the other this early, I think it shows what kind of President he would make ....

I think President Nixon would be pretty close -
he was overly paranoid too.

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