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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Election 2008

Letting the Pissing Contest Begin!!!

Getting all lawyered up for Senate recount:
"Fritz Knaak, an attorney with Sen. Norm Coleman's campaign, said Tuesday that 'perhaps 120 Coleman lawyers' may descend soon on each of the estimated 100 recount sites to be set up in each of the state's 87 counties and in large cities as the process gets underway next week."
funny thing is, when you go to the original article they have maps of the state and how each county voted.

As usual - the number of counties that vote republican OUT NUMBER the ones that voted democratic, and the number of districts/precincts that vote republican OUT NUMBER the ones that voted democrat -- yet somehow the democrats seem to get this huge amount of votes.

Now I'm not saying that they are cheating (cough, cough) but I have noticed that the places where they seem to get the huge votes are the places where there seems to be the least amount of plausible varification -- the main cities (with millions in the population who can check all the new registrations & people who haven't voted in a long time who suddenly show up?) and the areas where houses are sparse (such as the arrowhead, where you can go 1/2 mile before you encounter a neighbor).

Look at the map -- you can kind of see why there's some question as to what the heck is going on.

And then there are the 'surprise' absentee ballots that show up days after the election that seem to flip the district for one candidate or the other ... WTF! They should not be having those absentee ballots going to the district the people are supposed to be voting from -- they should all be going to a central location and getting counted there -- much less likely for this type of crap.

Or how about 'missing' ballots that seem to show up days later ... 'oops we forgot them in the back of our car' ... what is that?

Election judges get paid for their time -- what they should be doing is penalizing the judges for when they pull this crap. Put a hold on their checks until the vote is VARIFIED, which I think happens 10 days after the election unless there's a recount, and if there is an issue - to bad I guess you don't get paid for NOT doing your job!

Although - I would hate to think that people wouldn't do this job ... its incredibly important ... and if people in the district don't step up to do it, then they import people from other areas and who knows how honest they will be.

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