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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, What Did They Expect??

They bailed out the airlines after 9/11 (MN was doing it for NWA well before that, btw) and it seems like every year since then they are going back to the gov. with their hands out asking for more, and the gov just forks it over.

So what the heck makes them think if they do the same for all these other companies that they won't do the exact same thing? Guarentees to pay it back? Those won't work - they just find a creative way of posting losses so they can get more money but still keep their million dollar bonuses.

They should never have started it.

Lobbyists swarm the U.S. Treasury for a helping of bailout pie - International Herald Tribune: "The Treasury Department is under siege by an army of hired guns for banks, savings and loan associations and insurers — as well as for improbable candidates like a Hispanic business group representing plumbing and home-heating specialists. That last group wants the Treasury to hire its members as contractors to take care of houses that the government may end up owning through buying distressed mortgages." Okay some of you are going to read this as a racist comment, sorry, really it isn't intended to be ...


That is just a form of instutionalized racism/discrimination that it is unbelievable!!! You want the contract? Put in a f-ing BID!!! Do the same thing that ANY other business in America needs to ... stop hiding behind a label and a 'victim' mentality.

I don't care if you're black, hispanic, latino, native American, or white -- you want the contract? Get off your ass and EARN it, don't sit there and say 'You OWE it to us' ... screw that.

I'm getting so sick of this in our society.

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