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Saturday, November 22, 2008

What is it about blogs ...?

Since I've joined Ravelry, I have been directed to blogs of dozens of other people ... most try their best to stay on the topic of their craft, or their favorite authors, or some other interest they have .... but the one thing I've noticed is that each will eventually begin to speak politics.

Most that I have read are definitely leaning towards one path of thinking -- to the left.

Why does blogging seem to draw so many of these politically dichoms? I shouldn't make it sound like liberals are the only ones out there -- they are just the most predominant that I've seen -- you have the extreme right wingers out there too. Those who believed that if you aren't a Christian then you shouldn't hold any political office, those who believe that Obama will fail just because of the color of his skin (it will be because of his weakness as a leader, IMHO) ...

Both parties, all parties, have their nut jobs (the republicans will tell you that it is the followers of Ron Paul or Alan Keyes on their side; the Democrats will tell you it is the followers of Mike Gravel or Howard Dean) ... all parties have their extremists ... and these seem to be the ones who 'drink the kool-aid' and go hog wild with blogging.

What is it about blogging that seems to draw the more 'liberal' amongst us though?

It certainly can not be a feeling of a lack of voice -- after all most papers, radio stations, media outlets, and definitely PBS (which is supposed to be devoid of bias-political or otherwise) are definitely huge cogs in the liberal propaganda machine ....

Perhaps these liberal thinkers are just more easily duped into believing they have no voice? could this be it? Could it be that these people haven't crunched the numbers, counted the stories in print, or ever turned on a Sunday morning news program? how can this be?

I read one blog where the person believed in the 'redistribution of wealth' because it kept the goods being shared with the common worker for a company ... how awful it is that people like Bill Gates has so much money while they do not ... but they have totally ignored any of the blood, sweat, and tears it takes for people to get to this position in their life.

Meanwhile these same people are the ones who sat back and saw nothing wrong with candidates spending tens of millions of dollars on a campaign ... perhaps even hundreds of millions in the case of Obama ... how the people who handed money over to him so freely, had they really believed in what they said, could have done so much more good giving this money to charities such as Good Will, Salvation Army, Red Cross, or Feed My Starving Children ...

It is the little controdictions that people seem to post without noticing that amazes me.

I consider myself an 'independant' ... that is, there are parts of both major political thinking that I like and dislike ... an R or a D next to a name does not automatically get my vote ... I tend to hunt for the answers to my questions, I read between the lines of what politicians say ... that all said - if you've read my blog you know I have a high conservative view, I don't not vote onl Republican but the party seems to be more inline than out.

And my blog will tend to lean to the right ... it is one of the few that I have seen.

What is it about blogs that makes people almost need to speak of politics? Even this posting has taken a decidedly us/them mentality ... I can't help it ... there's a power of the blog that makes resistance futile!

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