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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Apparently the voting process was just a formality

My Way News - Calling in 'gay' to work is latest form of protest:
"Sean Hetherington, a West Hollywood comedian and personal trainer, dreamed up the idea with his boyfriend, Aaron Hartzler, after reading online that a few angry gay-rights activists were calling for a daylong strike to protest California voters' passage last month of Proposition 8, which reversed this year's state Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage."
While I give them the right to voice their opinion and while I agree that if you don't believe in something you need to fight ... HOWEVER - the vote was taken and gay-marriage was voted down.

Now as some of you may know, I have no issue with gay marriage -- let them have it - but I do believe that if they get marriage then they have to pull all the Domestic Partner Laws across the nation ... which is going to piss off a LOT of live-in couples who are taking advantage of the grey-area left by those laws.

But I would hope that if workers are calling in 'gay' that their employers are going - okay, then you need to use one of your sick days ... there is no 'just because I didn't agree with the vote' days ...

Now I've heard this equated to the slavery issue on the radio this morning --- sorry, not even close --- there is a big difference between not being allowed to be married under the law and being treated like chattle, bought/sold, ripped from your family without consent, or raped at your owners will (I've got a few thoughts on this one ... not funny, but thoughtful).

This is supposed to be like the Latino day-off where we were supposed to see just how much our nation depends on those of Latino decent and how we should stop pressuring to have illegals deported ... problem with it?

If a company suddenly stop producing their regular amount of goods ... it was a pretty good indication to the government that they found the companies hiring ILlegals!! It made it easier to find them.

Problem with this 'call in gay' day -- it is going to 'out' a lot of people who are still closeted ... it is going to get abused by those people who just want a day off work ... it will accomplish NOTHING.

Look, you want to get Prop 8 off the books ... then you do it within the confines of the system. You get Prop 8 declared unconstitutional - how hard is that in CA?? You get prop 8 reworded so it is less harsh ... then you get a really good lawyer to reinterprete the wording ...

you don't go about setting up a situation that is going to alienate you from the people you want help from. in order to over turn this thing -- you will have to have a REvote ...

c'mon ... use your head.

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