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Monday, December 01, 2008

Crafts to Share

If you find that you are getting a tad too cold at night then instead of turning up the furnace and running up your energy bill, and causing extra carbons to be released (yeah yeah, I know 'tree hugger' speak) ... perhaps all you need is a bit of wisdom from our Ancestors.

In the colonial days, and perhaps before that, people work hats to bed to hold in the extra body heat at night ... so here is a link as to how to make a simple Mob Hat from The American Girls.

Felicity's Mob Hat

You will need

a 20" piece of white cloth

18" of 1" wide ribbon

some scissors, needle, and thread - of course

that should get you started. Just think of the different patterns you can use -- experiment and see which materials work best for you.

P.S. - it will save your pillowcases as well as it will keep the caustic oils from your head from penitrating thru the threads ... and making you have to wash them so often.

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