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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hallelujah and Pass the Lysol

Aw man -- just when I thought things were going to get back to normal.

Day after Thanksgiving (did I go over this already?) my youngest got sick ... she was put on zytromiacin which seemed to make her sicker, but then she got better ... a week off school and then she went back on Tuesday (she got an upset tummy very early Monday morning - like barely Monday) but then she was fine so back she went.

Then we got a message from the High School that Whooping Cough had been diagnosed in 'several' students without being any central group effected ... well oldest daughter has had a cold that was hanging on for about 3 weeks so in she went -- poor thing, they did the test up the nose - still no word on the results but I doubt she has it. Dr put her on zythomiacin too.

Now youngest son went to dr yesterday because he was running a fever & getting sick as well. Dr. put him on amoxicillan to counteract the Strep the dr thought he had, didn't even bother with the test .... he is still running a temp between 101 - 103F depending on what med he is on. I'm hoping he will break his fever during some sleep.

well, thought okay this is it. the kids have their Christmas show at church on sunday and then a week (and a half, stupid school board) of school and then Yule celebration will begin. Aw.

I am no where near going to get these mittens done for the kids like I wanted for christmas but I was using the day to knit on them a bit - since son didn't need me to hold his hand too much today - my kids really hate getting sick.

so i'm knitting happily along when hubby texts to check in on son ... when the phone rings ... youngest girl needs to come home - she's sick again! so hubby went and got her, and decided to take the rest of the day off -- good thing too, because she started complaining about a sore throat and so it was off to the drs office yet again.


so now IF I can break the son's fever he can go to church sunday and play Joseph ... oldest daughter should be fine and will be able to play her part ... but the youngest is supposed to be an Angel (type-casting) but I'm not so sure about her - last time it took her nearly a week to recover.

here I was thinking i was going to have a bunch of time to get stuff done -- HA.

so now the main chatting room is getting filled with stuff that i would normally have had in the bedroom so that I can be close to where the kids are at if they need me ... i've got two cots in the hallway now for the sick ones to sleep on so they can get to the bathroom quickly - we will have to be very careful at the doorways because one of them will be blocking our bedroom door, the conversation room, and the upstairs door which is where the kids bedrooms are.

We would put them upstairs but they just don't seem to make it to the bathrooms on time if they are over carpetting -- and last time we did it, the steam cleaner got clogged (yuk). just easier all around to put them in the sprayed floor hallway.

well -- I have to remember to buy stock in the Lysol company, and the Pine-Sol company ... I may just corner the market on it all.

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