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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well He's Got That Brush Off Part Down

Good thing we elected a guy who was checked out thoroughly, huh??

YouTube - Obama on Governor Blagojevich/Rahm Emanuel

TRANSCRIPT (with speak idiosyncrasies ... that means with the 'ah's and the stammers)
BO: Ah, John, McCormick
JM: Thank you Mr. President-Elect ... ah, first of all given the present situation here in Illinois, do you favor or [something] a special election to fill your , your vacancy? And secondly, um, you told us at your first press conference after your election that you were going to be taking a very hands-off approach to, um, filling that spot ... over the weekend the Tribune reported that, that, that Rohm Emmanuel, your incoming chief-of-staff, had presented a list of potential names that ...
BO: [cutting off, and talking over reporter] John, John - let me just, let me just cut you off, because I don't want you to waste your question ... now as I indicated yesterday, we've done a full review of this ... th-th-the facts are going to get released next week ... ah, it would be inappropriate for me to comment, ah, because th-th-the, for example th-the story you just talked about in your own paper, ahhh, I haven't confirmed that it was accurate ... and I don't want to get into the details at this point. So do you have another question?
JM: If there's no conflict between what you said your hands-off approach and the possibility that you ...
OB: [trying to cut him off and talk over him again] John...
JM: [refusing to get cut completely off] ... may have presented some names ...
OB: [trying to still cut him off] .... John ... JOHN ... I, I said the US Attorney's office specifically asked us not to release this until next week.
JM: What about a Special Election?
OB: ah...
JM: Given the chaos here in Illinois
OB: [laughing at reporter's determination to get a straight answer] ah ... e-e-e-e you know, ah, I-I've said that I don't think the Governor can serve effectively in his office. I-I'm going to let the state legislature make a determination in how they want to precede.
[end of video]

First -- we always tell the kids that the only dumb question is the one that isn't asked .... so what is the President trying to convey to kids? Good thing we elected someone with good manners ... for a second there I thought maybe we would elect someone who was rude and would interrupt people.

Second -- there is NO OFFICE of the President-Elect ... the title "President-Elect" is simply to distinguish one person from another when they are BOTH in a news story -- otherwise, he SHOULD be getting called SENATOR Obama until he takes the frickin' oath.

Third -- I have a feeling that the 'investigation' that his group did were about as forthright as the one the Clinton's did during WhiteWaterGate ... remember the missing files that suddenly showed up on an end table weeks after they were asked for? 'oops'.

Fourth -- How about you let the man finish his question before you brush him off? Oh yeah - the last thing you want is any deep probing questions hitting the press .... hello, can we say "China"? How about "Russia"? maybe even 'Cuba'?
Oh don't get me started on this one.

Fifth -- who are YOU to be checking the 'accuracy' of their story? That's what their editor is for ... what you need to do is check to see who screwed up that they got info.

Sixth -- the reason he has to be silent until next week really: because everyone is going to be so busy getting ready for the holidays that no one pays close attention to the news .... its like 'bath water' day in the WH Pressroom ... who is going to notice what really happened??

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