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Monday, December 15, 2008

We've been visited by the Grinch

or maybe its just Scrooge.

We have had to cancel the big family dinner for next week -- our youngest boy has mono.

dr thought maybe he would be able to go back to school next week since its a short week, but I don't know ... may just keep him out until after winter break.

I hate making him have to make up for two weeks (well, most of last week and this week) ... he should be able to do a great chunk of it over the week and two day vacation ... yep, they don't even get a full two weeks anymore - but I might digress here (actually I already did and editted myself, hee hee)

I will have to contact his teachers and see what we can do to keep him up to speed with his classes, or at least keep him from falling too far behind in them.

But because we aren't having the huge celebration we are comtemplating not putting up the tree ... such a bother to just take it down in a couple of weeks ... but then, it just isn't christmas without the tree.

and then there are the kids ... sick, but they want a tree ... hmmm .... but it just doesn't feel like christmas .... don't know why .... ever since we moved there is just something that keeps me for getting too festive ... and its been nearly 8 yrs now.

maybe we will put up the tree anyhow ... hubby wants to just put up the tree top, I'm leaning towards the whole tree.

we will see ... keep you informed.

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