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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Where is the Health inspectors????

Okay so I'm checking out Joost for clips of the 'Big Bang Theory' episode I missed while caring for my sick daughter. when I ran across this clip by accident of what they feed the crew on 'CSI:Miami' ... fairly straight forward.

Until they show one of the stars going thru line ... the star wants just a little Lobster, so the chef uses a pair of tongs and a knife to take the meat out of the shell for the star -- then offers the star some steak/rib, or what ever it is ... here watch:

Now in case you missed it - he used the SAME tongs & knife to work on the meat ... he cross contaminated the food.

Normally not an issue -- accept that FISH is one of the top 5 food allergies that MUST be marked in large letters on packaging.

Just that little bit of cross contamination would be enough to send me to the hospital -- maybe not enough to kill me on its own, but it would certainly cause some pretty major allergic reactions.

I hope they get caught on this one and FINED big time for it.

This is why I try to avoid restaurants that serve lots of 'surf & turf' meals.

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