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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

getting a new idea

so we've got a dvd-r ... well another one, the cheap $64 one we got before christmas to replace the one that was giving us troubles we discovered isn't compatible with the cable box so we had to get another ....

and hubby signed us up for dvr on the cablebox, but I'm paranoid that some of the shows I really like - like "Mystery!" and some of the serials - will be auto-deleted to make room for some of the other programs so I've figured out how to throw them onto a dvd ... hey they are fairly cheap so I can pitch out the recorded disk and not feel guilty (unlike buying the dvd sets for $40 or so).

But while looking for some info I found that there isn't anything on about many of the spells & things that are used on the show. so it got me thinking....

With the free pages I can make on blogger -- I can make my OWN Bewitched website ... where I can put the incantations used to call Dr. Bombay, some of his wacky cures, the amazing campaigns that Darrin gets thru Sam's help, the Spells other witches use (like Endora, Serena, Aunt Hagatha, Esmerelda, Maurice, Uncle Arthur, etc), or even magical items ... how about some magical creatures or historical characters that show up??

oh this could be fun!!

But it might interfere with my other blogs -- and I might not be able to keep up with it all. and I think if hubby catches me doing one more blog .... he is going to cut off my internet.
Can I really risk taking on yet another blog? I can't keep up with all the ones I have right now -- in fact I've got a couple I haven't updated in months.


before I jump in with both feet I'm going to have to hold off for a while ... think it over really well.

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