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Monday, January 05, 2009

I don't think her problem is Obama

In fact, I'm pretty sure she feels she's got him wrapped around her little finger.

Nancy Pelosi Makes Room for Obama -
"For the last two years, Ms. Pelosi, 68, of California, has been the driving force behind the Democratic Party’s ambitions, using her firm grip on the House to set the agenda. Now she finds herself about to become facilitator in chief, working with her Senate counterpart, Harry Reid of Nevada, to advance the ideals of the nation’s new No. 1 Democrat: Barack Obama."
I think the question becomes - is she still going to be the World? Yes she will be in a closer spot to take over the Presidency than Clinton -- but Clinton will have the President's ear (ewww) and will be able to sway him more to her agenda more.

Clinton will be the one who sees the President not just every day, but nearly to the point of anytime she wants to ...

No, I'm thinking while Pelosi may still be the highest elected woman in the nation ... I highly doubt she can still consider herself as 'most powerful in the world'.

(I've been trying to find the clip of her speech, but it has mysteriously 'disappeared' from the internet .... hmmmm)

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