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Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm So SORRRY....

Okay I am not making fun of this pattern (Fishy Hat in the Winter 2008 issue of Knitty) ... and really I'm not trying to ... as a designer I have to admit that my tastes are not always those of other people ... and this isn't a tear at the pattern at all - I love them and am thinking they would be great for the cabin, especially in the early mornings or autumn when it is so cold but I can't get the kids off the dock.

No this comment is more about the photograph .... so if anyone is going to get upset with me, it will probably be the photographer.

Here it is -- those kids look so happy don't they?

What, they couldn't get one of those kids to crack a smile?? it just strikes me as strange because photos are how you "sell" a pattern, even a free one -- yet they used a photo that makes it look like the kids really don't want to be caught wearing them .... can't you hear the 'aw mom, do I have to?"s now?

There are three photos of these kids with the pattern - one is a very funny/cute one with the fish pulled all the way down so it looks like the fish are swallowing their heads ... lol ... but none of them show the kids enjoying these hats - although the last photo does show a partial smile on the smallest one ... I'm wondering if the words "last photo" weren't spoken just before it was taken .... or maybe "who wants ice cream?".

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