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Sunday, January 18, 2009

slow weekend

well - yesterday hubby and I did the grocery shopping just to be greeted when we got home by two of the four kids telling us their throats hurt. No biggie -- hubby and I are both fighting head colds with the post-nasal thing that wears out the throat ... so we figured that it was the same thing for the kids.

Well last night our baby - poor thing she's no baby any more but she will always be called "the baby" - complained that she was so cold, and even a warm bath wasn't warm enough for her. She didn't feel like she had a fever so she snuggled with dad when she was done but still complained she was cold ... so i took her temp. 99.2 F ... okay - bedtime, but still no biggie.

I read to her a chapter of the latest book we're reading (Little House on the Prarie) and she started snoring after the first chapter - which is really good because it was the fourth time I had started that chapter as she keeps falling asleep by the time I get to the 4th or 5th page lately - well about 2 hours later she got out of bed and asked if I would help her back as she was light headed -- hey, I'm no fool and I've been a mom long enough to know that is never a good sign so I grabbed the thermometer and took her temp.

She was so pale and her cheeks were so rosy - if she had been a baby I would have thought she was teething (apple cheeks) - I knew her fever had blossomed ... but not all the way to 101.9!!!

So after a couple of children's tylenol and a couple of hours extra sleep she got up again, so Motrin was added to the equation .... but by 6am this morning her temp was up to 102.8F!!
That is the same way our son's temp acted just before he was diagnosed with mono -- so we weren't taking any chances ... she went straight to the dr. this morning the moment that the After-Hours clinic was open ...

they didn't bother to test for mono -- but she did test positive for mono. I have to say I'm glad she had something she could take a subscription for, she will be able to go back to school Tuesday w/o a problem. The dr was nice enough to give us a prescript for her brother w/o having us take him in for an appointment, since these two are best buds and they were having the same symptomes and he is getting over mono .... very nice of him.

but other than that its been a slow weekend ... didn't even see anything in the news to comment on -- and you know how rare that is.

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