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Monday, January 19, 2009

WOW - more responsible than people could imagine

Yes I know the story is from Fox, but if you remember the fuss scandal over when the Clinton's left you will understand what a huge deal this is ....

Bush Family to Leave Many Treasured Items Inside White House:

"Unlike Bill and Hillary Clinton, George and Laura Bush will take few treasured mementos with them from their years at the White House.
When the Clintons left the White House in January 2001, the former first couple took with them more than 50 gifts -- including a chandelier, flatware, and paintings -- valued at nearly $200,000.
The Bushes, however, borrowed from furnishings that already existed within the White House collection, said Sally McDonough, press secretary to Laura Bush."

I never realized that any of these things could go home with them ... I thought that anything bought as President was the 'property of the American civilians' and therefore had to stay at the White House.

Isn't it amazing that the Bush's turn out to be more fiscally conservative? I find that very interesting ... considering all the fuss that has been made over their money.

Now the newest fuss is over the cost of the inagguration .... my problem with it is that it is happening at such a troubled time -- but then looking back at the money that was spent on the campaign itself, its wasn't totally unexpected.

I wish they had decided to scale things back -- but they just didn't see it that way. But I have to wonder if Bush had been inaugernated, as my kids call it, just after 9/11 or after the Enron crash that effected so many people's retirement savings wouldn't they have made a terrible fuss? I think it would have ranked as a scandal myself.

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