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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nature's Follow Up joke

Okay so you know that kid in High school that loved to pull practical jokes, and when one worked he kept doing it over & over until he got sick of it? or one of the 'cool kids' told him it wasn't funny anymore?

That's Mother Nature.

Here's the funny haha she did to us this week:

I like this veiw better because it shows the snow in comparison to the rings surrounding the seedlings - or where there is supposed to be seedlings - each level of the ring is about 3 inches high and each ring has 5 levels - so they are about 15 inches tall ... but don't quote me on that, I would have to measure them.

Hubby made them himself out of his own inspiration ... they are topped with hardware cloth to keep the deer from reaching in and nipping off the tender tops and they are anchored with fencing stakes ... this summer I will get a better photo --- maybe even make a video of hubby putting a new one together for my friends over at ... which I actually became introduced to thru their website/podcast

check them out.

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