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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stupidest Thing I've Seen This Week

Okay - so just to share ... I was watching the news and they had footage of this car chase.

There was a car theft by a 14 yr old and so they had like 10 police cars chasing this kid, and trying to do 'pit stops' on the car ... they are going high speed thru residential neighborhoods, thru the downtown highly populated areas. They obviously had helicopter because they showed all overhead shots but towards the end of the chase there are three cops surrounding the car when someone decided that they needed to to one last pit-stop and nearly KILLED two of the cops. But no it wasn't some somaritan trying to help ... it was ANOTHER COP!

Okay so this sounds like something out of America right? You see it a lot, chases thru neighborhoods .... chases thru traffic ... chases on highways ...etc.

This was in NEW ZEALAND.


I mean is there a bridge to Australia or something? Couldn't they simply call ahead and tell the Aussie police to block off the end of that bridge if there is one? I mean -- c'mon -- how far could the kid go?

Its like a high speed chase in Hawaii -- HELLO, its not like they can drive to CA!

It always amazes me how hard it is for them to find criminals on "Dog the Bounty Hunter" -- you're on an island dude, they ain't going no where unless they take a plane or copter. But then they are working on a deadline or they lose their money too.

but we were talking about NZ -- so hubby and I are laughing at this, and feeling bad for the poor owner who has now got a majorly damaged car thanks to the COPS ... when the anchor goes "the police department in NZ are reviewing their policy on high speed chases" ... GEE you think???

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