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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When technology gets ahead of Forethought

Report: Fetal stem cells trigger tumors in ill boy:
"A family desperate to save a child from a lethal brain disease sought highly experimental injections of fetal stem cells—injections that triggered tumors in the boy's brain and spinal cord, Israeli scientists reported Tuesday.
Scientists are furiously trying to harness different types of stem cells—the building blocks for other cells in the body—to regrow damaged tissues and thus treat devastating diseases. But for all the promise, researchers have long warned that they must learn to control newly injected stem cells so they don't grow where they shouldn't, and small studies in people are only just beginning."
Now I seem to recall a study about 5-10 yrs ago where stem cells were injected into areas of the brain of Alzheimer patients and they also found that tumors developed, so it isn't like nobody knew about this -- in fact it made national news.

The reason the story sticks out in my mind is because one of the fellows at my husband's church does fundraisers for Alzheimer research and I think he works for one of the local 'chapters' of the main research company.

But the question is - will a lawsuit be filed over this incident? Surely the drs should have known about the previous study ... they should have warn the family of all the possible side-effects including the previous incident of tumor growth ...

I feel for this family, I really do.

We are also facing an 'experimental' treatment for our child ... but one that has proven successful for others, his case is just a borderline case (no I'm not getting into it) ... but I can see where one doesn't jump into something like this ....

yet I understand how a parent is willing to do just about anything for the chance to give their child a 'normal' life.

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