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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Damn the Constitution!!

House passes bill taxing AIG and other bonuses:

"Acting with lightning speed, the Democratic-led House has approved a bill to slap punishing taxes on big employee bonuses from firms bailed out by taxpayers.

The vote was 328-93.

Said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: 'We want our money back and we want our money back now for the taxpayers.'"

Acting with "Lightning Speed" is what got us into this crap in the first place!

And to every Republican that voted for this bill -- SHAME ON YOU!!!!

This is the EXACT same thing that King Charles was doing to people that caused the Revolutionary war! They are using the Tax Code to punish people whom they don't like.

Now that they have been allowed to do this, what else will they push thru???

You can bet that no one bothered to read this bill any more than they did the Stim-Your-Ass bill ....

Maybe MAYBE if they had looked into the dealings of the companies in the first place --- Oh I'm SORRY, I guess according to the one guy ... Dodd? ... they DID know and told him to leave it ALONE.

Gee. what does that mean?? It means that the White House is setting up situations that they will have to "save" the country from and look good.

Hmmmm. And the Constitution?

Well never mind that little slip of paper there .... we'll get to it when we feel like it.

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