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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Have they been reading my blog???

Oh look another story that they could have found on my page ....

Our Troubled Economy Is a Response to Barack Obama's Policies -

"As 2009 opened, three weeks before Barack Obama took office, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 9034 on January 2, its highest level since the autumn panic.

Yesterday the Dow fell another 4.24% to 6763, for an overall decline of 25% in two months and to its lowest level since 1997. The dismaying message here is that President Obama's policies have become part of the economy's problem."

Duh -- people will like to say this is still fall out from the Bush administration, but in reality that is only a small fraction of the problems.

If it weren't then why is it that drops in the market can be linked directly to speeches/remarks/policy releases of the President??

Look -- Obama has done more to damage the economics of this country than Bush did .... honesty.

Yes AIG did just released a report that said they had a huge loss in the final quarter of 2008 ... but still that did not effect the market as much as the government getting a share of the Citigroups.

I think the Bush effect on Wall Street ended about 3 weeks ago ... about a month after he left office. You can not continue to blame him for the mess that we are in -- if that were the case we could still be blaming Carter .... or Clinton (although he did make a standing splotch on the Office of President the way Nixon did).

No == Time to stop blaming Bush and realize that its the Obama administration's busride now ...

and the fare is going up, but the bus is breaking down. Bus Moony

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