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Monday, March 16, 2009

Is it election time already???

Obama to Make Leno Appearance in Los Angeles - First 100 Days of Presidency - Politics
"Though the president is taking time this week for a little levity, he's now in the midst of a new campaign to convince Congress and American taxpayers to support his $3.6 trillion proposed budget for the next fiscal year."
Wow - look at that! The nation is in the middle of a "financial crisis" according to the President and he is going on Jay Leno to cut jokes and campaign.

Could someone let Barack know he has the part now he needs to take his place in the White House and do the f-ing job???

He can NOT be zooming off to Hollywood to rub elbows with his Movie-Star & Talk-Show buddies -- he needs to be running the business of the nation and stop leaving it in the hands of his cabinet .... people we already know can't handle their own finances much less those of the nation!! (case in point, all the IRS problems they have had)

Get your skinny @$$ back in that leather seat and do the job YOU said YOU were ready for and WILLING to do!

Geez - this is really reminding me of his "not" running for President before he even won his Senator seat ... what a male-only body part!!

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