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Monday, November 02, 2009


Okay -- over the past month or so I have been saving info on my DVR that really needs to be cleaned out so bear with me while I throw out a mish-mash of info here .... I will try to reference dates if I can.
Average Weight in America
Female: 163 lbs
Male: 190 lbs
that is about 24 lbs heavier than in the 60's ... still think its evolution myself, but hey - I'm not an 'expert'
1/3 Americans = Obese (BMI +30)
I really hate BMI, since it doesn't take into consideration muscle/fat weight - muscle can weigh up to 4 times as much as fat .... this means a 200lb lean person is not the same size as a 200lb fat person.
scary part is according to the anchorman, 1/3 of Americans are over 300lbs -- not sure how accurate that is .... I think he misread his cue card. Its 3.8 million people (but there is no mention as to whether these are just Americans or not)
Defensive Medicine (Malpractice)
$66 -$178 Billion/Yr.
Aug 25, 2009 (wow this is old!)

According to Obama's speech were he reappoint Bernenke ... their steps have put tax-cuts into people's pockets ...who's? All I see are my taxes going up ...
Extended health care & umemployment insurance - okay the unempl. I've seen, several people I know of have benefitted from it, but nothing about health care - that is still a pain to them.
and his plan is continueing to save/create jobs ... ??? So if it is doing such a great job creating jobs can someone please explain to me why it is that the unempl rate has continued to rise???

He claimed the auto-industry was showing 'signs of life' - which will come crashing down once the flux of the 'cash for clunkers' has stopped ... oh what a farce that was.

He said the housing and credit markets are 'saved from collapse' -- just ignore those other 4 or so banks that have closed since this speech was made, oaky? and never mind all those foreclosures you haven't heard about in the 'mainstream' news ... they don't really exist anymore.

Slip of the tongue?
"... we have to build an economy that works for every American - one that leads the world in innovation, in investments, and in experts - exports [corrected himself] -part of that foundation has to be a financial regulatory system that insures that we never face a crisis like this again. "
oops - we all know that 'experts' is the catch phrase for 'people with liberal opinions' ... you know the 'experts' who think redistribution of wealth is the way this should go.

(you know the more I listened to him speak this day - the more he slurred his speech, like he had had a few beers too many while on vaction and the speech was a total surprise)
As IL senator, Obama voted 'present' 129 times -- a RECORD -- for those who don't know, 'present' is another was to obstain from voting yes or no on bills you think will hurt your chances to retain your office, or on ones you don't want to have to expain yourself on. its a way not to vote NO for bills your party supports but you don't without offending your party ... its also a way to vote with the opposing side without actually getting it on record.
In otherwords its the wussy way out of making a decision.
It hides flip-floppers ... maybe yes, maybe no ...

wouldn't this be nice when your girlfriend asks if those pants make her butt look big? you could just say 'present' ... or how about when your hubby decides to wear plaid & stripes - "present".
Baucus Bill cost over 10 yrs: (CBO numbers)
cuts deficit by $81B
94% isured by 2019

can someone explain how this doesn't add to the deficit? where the hell is the money coming from? I mean lets understand this -- there is no way this is 'free'. It is going to be like using one credit card to pay another here ... yeah you can do it for a while but sooner or later it is going to catch up with you and when ijOt does, you're totally screwed!
Obama spent only 25 minutes with Gen. McCrystal discussing troops for Afghanistan ... he spent several hours trying to get the Olympics.

He was senator 148 days before he officially began his campaign for President.
25% ... 1 in 4 people in the world are Muslim, 2/3 live in Asia (makes sense, learn your continents and you will see most of the Middle East is in Asia)

$1,000,000 will get you an XBox 360 signed by Sarah Palin - but no, she is not the one selling it, its David Morrill (who? is that he daughter's ex?)

#1 Sports Town was given to Pittsburgh, PA by "The Sporting News" ... c'mon, its Pittsburgh what else you gonna do?
cross in Mohave Desert has been up for 75 yrs - now people are complaining about it so they put a gaint box over it.
Excuse me? As a 75 yr old fixture - wouldn't that make it a 'historical' monument? I mean c'mon - who is it really going to bother? Freedom of religion needs to cover ALL religions, not just christianity.
One point though - the Mohave desert is not federal land - therefore, technically the feds have nothing to say about it.

Okay enough for this post - just some fodder to chew on.

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