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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The House is Fighting Back

I am so sore .... and I have learned several different things in about 2 seconds...

  1. Rubber feet on step stools do not assure that they will not move

  2. Time slows down if floors are coming up to meet you

  3. Concrete does not give (alright, I already figured but now I have 'concrete' proof)

  4. You will not bounce back up if you have big boobs

  5. Tears will well up faster if someone is around to give you compassion

As some of you may recall from an earlier post, my son is recovering from Type A flu (same strand as H1N1) and one of the things I did to make him feel better was to sick next to the cot he sleeps on when sick - that way we can isolate him from the floor where all the kids sleep (even though he has his own room now since his sister loves to play in his mostly empty room now) ...

Well he was feeling a bit bored yesterday so while the other kids were in school and it was just the two of us at home, I turned his cot so he could watch the tv in our room w/o having to get the bed full of germs ... so today, once the kids got off to school I did it again - hey it worked so well.

But I forgot to slide the step stool I sit on under the new position of the cot = dumb move.

I was talking to my husband tonight and not walking were I was putting my foot and stepped down on the stool by accident and my momentum took over.


As Maxwell Smart would say - I missed it by that much, whacking my head on the concrete wall that is. Instead I took out a knee and a forearm, screwed up my hip and jarred every muscle down the left side of my body ... somehow I managed to bang up the toes on the right foot too.

The house must be getting jealous -- I haven't spent enough time with it lately between the eye surgery and the flu ... I'm just glad it didn't decide to take it out on the kid.

(just so you understand - I'm joking about the house ... right?)

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