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Monday, November 16, 2009


Oh yes he did ... now when I first heard this story I thought 'so what?' I thought it was completely understandable ... until I saw actual footage of the controversy...

President - the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES - is over in Japan ... and he bowed to the Japanese Emporer -- which wouldn't have been such a big deal, after all the culture over there uses bowing the way we use shaking hands, it might be seen as impolite not to bow.

BUT he didn't simply do a polite bow ... he did a subjegated bow. he did the full bow which offers a person's head to be chopped off at the Emporer's pleasure...

perhaps no one in the Protocol Dept. explained this part of the bowing ritual ... perhaps they did and he just didn't care ... maybe he thought that as a SENATOR he might have been seen as impolite not to do a deep bow - but he isn't a senator anymore ... maybe he is just an idiot.

Look - he is POTUS ... he does not "bow" to anyone anymore than the Queen of England would -- Not even Prince Charles, or any of the extended Royal Family, would bow that deeply to a foreign leader.

This man doesn't seem to understand the power that a single picture can hold -- there are photos of him genuflecting to some Sheik guy (sorry didn't recognize who it was) ... there are photos of him in a 'best buddy' photo with Chavez ...

I mean ... c'mon ... at what point will someone from Protocol going to call him up and say "um, as President, you are not supposed to subjigate yourself to leaders of otherr countries ... you are equal to them at the very least" ...

well if they won't do it - I will ...

Open letter to Mr. Obama:
Dear Sir:
Straighten up your backbone, dude! If you want other countries to treat the US like we are still a strong country, then you have to project that thru your actions. While I totally understand that you may have thought you were doing the proper thing - someone is letting you down by not giving you the proper information. As President you should give a slight, polite bow ... not a deep, offering your head type of bow. Please Mr. President - don't embarrass us, the US citizens, when in doubt - check it out.

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