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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Over There, Over There ...

yeah that's about what the troops will be feeling like ....

first they get moved from Iraq to Afghanistan ....

now, Dec 1st, they can expect to move to Pakistan.

Yeah - they will be getting shipped off somewhere else again.

So for those that haven't gotten this straight yet --- for those who voted in Obama thinking the troops were going to come home ---- they are staying over there longer!

The President is going to give a speech Dec 1st in which he is supposed to be giving his plan finally of what to do with the troops in Afghanistan.

Even though he has had the info he has needed for the last 3 months or so, he will wait a little longer ... remember he was going to announce it after the elections? then it was going to be after the Afghani re-elections (which didn't happen)? so now he is waiting again until after the holiday ... which I can see ...

who wants to be the one to tell the troops families during the holidays that it will be longer now before they see their loved ones because the clock starts all over again at zero for time spent in a campaign ...
I could be wrong - I'd love to have someone let me know

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