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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Health Care Reform bill

Well I'm sure you have all heard by now that both the House version and Senate version of this hypocrosy has passed and now it goes to committee to pound out some form that will be shoved thru both houses and up our @$$es ....

If it sounds like I'm unhappy about it -- I am.

I am glad that the holidays got out of the way first so I wouldn't have to hold back too badly ... but hubby got the word this month, and kept it under his hat until Christmas night, about how this will effect my own family.

I do not know what your situation is ... but imagine losing one paycheck a month ... could you make it?

We will be losing the equivilant to one & a half of my husband's paychecks each month ... so if I suddenly stop blogging you know we've lost cable/internet ... or the house!

PLUS our health insurance payments will have to go up each month as well (because his company offers it - they have to by STATE law) .... he will not get a raise this year, the company had to lock pay for all salaried workers - hourly office staff will still get a raise, though only 1 1/2% ....

So why are we being effect so? Because apparently if you make LESS THAN $100,000 - the Democrats consider you Upper Income ... oh wait - we don't even make $90,000 ... not even $75,000 after deductions (SS, fed tax, state tax, etc) ... but hey - they said we wouldn't be touched right?

Remember ...

We can do it ... to the nation and quite often

Change ... no one promised for the better

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