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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 5 stupid Lawsuits – 2009

neighbor sues woman for smoking in her own home … jury sided with the smoker, but woman felt that since smoke 'whafted' into her apartment she had the right to complain – jury basically said that if she had such an issue with it then she should have moved into a smoke-free apartment complex.

Murderer killed couple to get their truck, so now he is suing to get the truck … jury found that he was guilty of the crime, but he feels that the contract which he presented as proof (which the jury dismissed as a forgery) of ownership – of course it will be interesting to see him drive it, since he got life in prison.

Holocaust denier sueing survivor because he wrote a book of his experiences – denier says its all lies. Yes, he is claiming that the memoirs are hurting him by teaching people what he denies is the truth. Idiot.

#2: Hotel Pool impregnates 13 yr old … woman claimed that her 13yr old daughter got pregnant because the pool water contained sperm … but that her daughter had no sexual activity. Not likely with all the chlorine that would have been in there.

#1: Illegal aliens sue rancher who stopped them on his own property because he had a gun & dog with him at the time. This guy has stopped over 20,000 illegals from crossing his land, has detained them while he calls the authorities who then send them back. Well the illegal traspassers are saying that his mistreated them and some say his dog attacked them … well no duh – you shouldn't have been on his property to begin with! The authorities are on his side though as they have not seen any of the issues they are claiming. Why did he carry the gun? Well apparently he had evidence that some of the border crossers had killed and mutilated some of his cattle – so he feared they were armed …. I can't blame him.

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