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Friday, January 08, 2010

Economic Education

Here's an interesting bit of crap I heard today ... sorry there just is no other term for it ....

One of the reasons, the administration says, that the job growth was so slow in the month of December was ....

The bad weather!

Yeah - that's what I said too ....

85,000 jobs lost .... and they are going to blame the bad weather?

How the heck does that work?

In November they said 4000 jobs were added (mostly government jobs), and this new number is supposed to be 10X worse than they expected ... hmmmm, imagine that.

But the administration says this is a "slight setback" -- 10 times worse than you thought and that is slight?

Stats given today
  • 7.2 million job losses during recession
  • 4.2 million job losses in 2009, alone (more than 1/2)
  • 929,000 discouraged workers (those who have "given up" - a record, not even during the Depression were there so many not looking for work)
  • needs to add 100,000 jobs/mo. just to keep up with population growth

But lets remember that most of these jobs will be coming from the private sector which takes longer to feel any sort of improvement in the economy .... and they won't hire until they feel they are on stable ground again, having recovered a good bit from the problems caused by the "election motivated" recession.

And they are going to hold off, really, until they find out exactly how they will be effected by the up coming fees/taxes/penalties from the government for the myriad of excuses they will use to pick the bones clean of anyone who might look like they might make something of themselves.

sorry -- bit of venting ... as I slowly watch my father's company being nickeled & dimed to death by the variety of governments around here.

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