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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Health Care Reform bill

Interesting turn of events .... what the Unions have been doing to Corporations for decades, Washington DC is now getting ready to do to them! Bend Over and Spread 'Em!

remember how Obama put all those Union bigwigs on his 'economic advisory' board? the sweetheart spot for them to help decide where the stim. money would go?

Well they (the unions) have just discovered the Dems will only court you until they get what they want -- then they treat you like everyone else ....

The AFL-CIO and about a dozen other unions are pissed because under the preferred HCB (Health Care Bill) - the one Obama says he would sign - many of it members would be getting hit with a 40% excise tax .... yeah, now that its coming out of their pockets their upset.

Gee - I guess they should have actually listened to what was said during the campaign instead of what they were either told was meant or hearing just what they wanted .... we tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen...

What cracks me up is Richard Tumka, the AFL-CIO President, is now concerned of not just Unioned Middle-class but ALL middle-class -- yeah right! Where was he with this concern last year before the election? Where was he when the average "Joe" on the street was asking about taxes on the middle class?

He was sitting in his ivory tower thinking that he was going to make some sweetheart deal that was going to keep himself in power a tad longer -- he actually believed what a politician told him ... as Union President he should have known better!

But there's still a bit of hope for them ....

Rumor has it that one of the unions (I'm guessing the Service workers union) has threatened to tell its workers NOT to go to the mid-term elections, to stay away from the polls - thus 'insuring' that the Republicans will win the elections across the nation.

Yes - they feel they have the right to tell you not just if you should vote, but how you should vote ... which I do believe is supposed to be against the law ....

any how -- so what is this resulting in? Three possible deals for the unions:
  • Exemption for all Union Members
  • Exemption for some Union Members (such as those in public service or minors)
  • Adjust the tax for Inflation (so it will only hit those making $1Million/yr)

But there is no way, if they compromise, will they be able to bring in the $150Billion in 10 yrs needed to keep this thing "budget neutral" ... they would have to put an additional 5-10% income tax on those making the $1Million/yr .... although I'm guessing it would actually be on everyone because there won't be any Millionaires left by the time they are done.

So winning that Lottery may not be such a good thing after all ...

and that Nest Egg you are planning on retiring on? My guess is that it won't be long before they get a chunk of that too!

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