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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Health Care Reform bill

Interesting news -- remember those tax cuts that businesses will get to hire new workers? workers who have been out of work for 6 months or more?

Interesting enough -- the amount that they will be fined for not carrying insurance for their workers will be equal to the amount they get for each of those workers - only on ALL of their workers.

So they are saying that the fines per employee will be $5000
Washington Post estimates that it will cost $950Billion to pass (not implement, that's extra) based on passed estimates.

they also say that the bill will increase deficit - by a couple $100billion - which means they will HAVE to raise taxes on people making more than $250,000/yr.

So I heard this morning that President Obama is supposed to be releasing his "bipartisan" form of the Health Care bill .... only thing is, there isn't a SINGLE thing in there (so I've heard) that the Republicans wanted in it - and by the sounds of it, everytime they tried to put in an idea it was poo-poo'd/dismissed-out-of-hand ....

nice bit of Bi-partisanship there Mr. President .... and they say the Rebuplicans is the party of "No"

So what are they saying is in the President's version of the bill?
No surprise here:

  • Get health insurance or face hefty fines
  • Larger cuts in Medicare benefits
  • Even higher tax increases (especially on those making over $200,000)
  • More government spending (more paper to shove around I guess - no word on how many more trees will be cut down to make all that paper though)
  • Government fixing of insurance premiums (yes this is more government interference in private industry) ... lets remember how well this has worked with the milk farmers.

the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) can NOT determine how much this plan will cost ... this is a really really bad thing .... it would be like writing a blank check to the guy doing work on your car ... giving your teenager a cell phone without telling them the limits of your plan .... charging on your credit card without ever looking at your billing statement.

Do you get it yet? If not - give it a few months to hit your paychecks and the company you work for.

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