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Thursday, February 18, 2010

UPDATE: Plane Crash, Austin TX

UPDATE 5: from his house
  • Neighbors say explosion happened at 9:25am
  • neighbors pulled his wife and child (12 yrs old) from house
  • glass from house flew across street to neighbors yard
  • house was appraised at $235,000
  • reportedly there was a suicide note online
  • reference IRS section in his note ... also spoke about the bailouts ... and tells IRS to "take your pound of flesh"
  • sounds like he lost what money he had ... his retirement fund ... the dot-com bust ... etc.
  • he went thru a divorce - so don't know if wife in house is current wife or ex-wife

Update 4: Eyewitness acct.
people in building next door felt blast.
people were stuck on second floor of planed-building, and they were hanging out windows trying to breathe.
people in the building could not get into the hallways because of smoke & fire
a glass company, Bensenior (?) Glass employee used his ladder to help people out of building
the glass company worked out of the building and sent other trucks/ladders to help people out as well ... those rescued also helped others out of building.

Update 3:
More news on the pilot, J.A. Stack

  • Software engineer
  • registered to fly single-engine craft & mulit-engineer craft

there were 190 employees at that particular office of the IRS, they are still trying to acct. for everyone - so far only 1 appears to be missing .... of the two that were taken to the hospital, one is doing ok - but the other has been lifted to the local military base hospital where they can deal better with the burns sustained by this person.

Info on pilot (so they know who it is now)

started house on fire this morning

  • had beef with IRS
  • Joseph Andrew Stack, confirmed by Justice Dept.
  • Plane: Piper Cherokee
  • took off from Georgetown, TX at 9:40am local time

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      UPDATE 1:
      Word has come that:

      • the plane was having issues before hand
      • plane hit building at odd angle if it meant to hit
      • FBI offices in nearby building but not one hit
      • FBI saying they do NOT consider it a terrorist attack
      • the IRS is located in this building
      • there is an adult school in the building
      • NORAD launched F-16s - just in case
      • there are 17000 small craft air fields in US, only 450 have control towers
      • small craft don't always have to file flight plans
      • 15 fields are close to where the accident happened - none so far say the plane came from there
      • NTSB: feel it was an intentional act

      two people have been hurt for sure, but there is still little word about how many people or even who was on board the plane.

      there are people trapped in the building - and several people have been reported as 'unaccounted' for.

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