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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It was tough to come up with a name for this post ... because I hate to feel good about someone else's misfortune ... but I can't help it.

About 2 yrs ago (april 2008) I bought 12 skeins of yarn (Berroco Crystal FX) for $1.47 USD each ... I thought it was a great deal at the time, it even came with a plastic storage case ... was a tad disappointed when the case came gummy from the stuff they used to hold down the flap of the case ... but the yarn was still good and it will make a gorgeous to-die-for shawl for my daughters to BORROW (hey for the work that's going into it, its staying mine).

Well I was checking for projects on Ravelry and came across someone else's stash ... and found they paid $7/skein!!!! Either that or they are trying to sell a single skein for that much -- ummmm ..... no thank you.

I know that this has more to do with the yarn being discontinued .... even with the price including s&h that would still come out to be about $5/skein - yarn is light, you can put it in an envelope and get the lowest shipping rate (I think its like $2). Sheesh!

but its a free country and people can pay for yarn what they are willing to pay for it .... but me? If it isn't under $3 these days, its going to have a tough time making it into my stash.

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