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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I was watching The View - not unusual - but Whoopi started talking about Howard Stern... one has to wonder how he is able to keep a job - I can't believe people want to listen to him ...

Apparently Stern - the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (fill it in yourself, I'm not getting in trouble for it) - made a comment on his program about an actress, Gaby Cinnebay (sorry for misspellings) who was nominated for an academy award for her role in "Blind Side" ... well him and his partner Robin Quivers.

" Howard Stern: ... She is enormous

Robin Quivers: Everyone is pretending that she is a part of show business

HS: She's never going to be in another movie - what movie is she going to be in? "Blind Side 2" she could be the football (inaudible) - she could take up the whole front line."

Whoopi made a great point that large men in the business never get grief for their weight - she rattled off a bunch.

Will he get in trouble for this? Oh hell no -- lets face it .... it is open season on large people.

I remember when Gwenyth Paltrow was making "Shallow Hal" in 2000, she was on a talk show and made a comment about how one day they had gotten her into her make up for one of the scenes where she is supposed to be her 'normal self' and she needed to get something back at the hotel ...

well instead of taking off all the prothesis she decided that she would go back in costume ...

she said she almost cried over the way that people were treating her -- she got ignored for the longest time at the hotels front desk when she wanted her key ... she decided to stop for a bite to eat in the hotel restraunt, and had to endure the waiter trying to talk her into something else for lunch, she had to listen to people make snide remarks, and to get back to the studio instead of taking her limo she tried to catch a cab ... she wound up having to take her limo because she couldn't get a cab (if I remember this right, it was a while ago and I was dealing with a baby at the time)

Stern is tall & skinny -- the worse he has ever gotten is being made fun of for his kinky hair and large nose -- none of which will get you 'shunned'.

I would LOVE to see Howard Stern dress up in a "fat suit" -- a good one, not a sumo-wrestler costume -- and see what it is like for one week to live a typical life as a large person.

What a creep!!

Shallow Howard ... Take your comments to Oprah (good point Sir John!)

But then what can we say ....

this type of person is probably feeling sanctioned now with the attacks coming from Washington DC!!!!

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