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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Price of health Care

Michelle Bachman (R-MN) was on the Chris Baker show this morning and she tore the mask off the Health Care Bill.
  • This bill, once the double counting is taken out & the muddy numbers, will cost between $2.5 - $5.5 Trillion dollars (USD)
  • There are 'sweet heart' deals going on trying to buy 'yes' votes .... one such deal that she mentioned was for North Dakota -- they will have the only bank AUTHORIZED to give student loans. Yep - they are going to put all those eggs in one basket.
  • The bill online is NOT the final bill ... it is a preliminary bill that has been cooked up just to get something out there for people to look at ... but like Pelosi & Obama have said, we don't get to see what the bill will actually be until AFTER it passes -- and they won't be able to repeal it until after Obama gets out of office!!!!
  • The fine for not having 'compliant' coverage is $250 ~OR~ 2% of your income, which ever is greater. For those doing the math -- that means you would have an income of $12,500 or more. So everyone (OK nearly everyone) will have to pay the 2%.
  • businesses will be fined $2000/employee for not complying to strict Federal standards
  • The IRS will be put in charge of making sure people are complying ... that's right, they are the ones who are going to audit people every month to make sure they are paying for care.
  • Department of Health will have access to your personal tax info so they know who they need to sick the IRS after.
  • The bill does not include the extra $10 Billion it will cost for the new Federal employees that the IRS will have to add to enforce/check for compliance. (16,000 new employees)
  • IRS Monitoring will begin the moment that the bill gets signed by the President, even though benefits won't take effect for 4 yrs.
  • Taxes will come out immediately upon signing of the bill
  • $500 Billion will be taken out of Medicare, but 300 million people will be added to Medicare (that's not including an est. 50 million ILlegal aliens)

It also needs to be pointed out that the President is pushing for AMNESTY for ILlegals so that they can get around any amendment that would prevent them from getting free health care

  • 1/2 of taxes to pay for Health Care bill will be paid for by those earning $60,000/family of 4 or more .... what happened to that $250,000 line?
  • No taxes or penalties for ILlegals or prisoners

They have crunched the number for our state, MN, and it will cost our local government an additional $3 Billion to monitor compliance of businesses ... money which will not be coming from the Feds. This means that we, the citizens, will have to pay even higher taxes to pay for this checking.

Yes - you read that correctly.

Not only will people have to pay the Feds for the Health Care bill ... we will have to pay our States for Federally mandated monthly compliance checks.

MN, along with 35 other states, are poised to file lawsuits against the Feds if this bill passes ... first because its unConstitutional, and second because there is something that says that the Feds can't require the States to do something unless they fund it.

BTW - that means that there is still more money that they aren't counting.

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