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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Numerology Class

New Data just out ....

Unexpected uprise in unemployment numbers:
  • March 27th: 442,000 jobless claims; down 3,ooo from previous week
  • April 10th: UP 484,000 new jobless claims (this does NOT incl. census workers yet); 24,ooo more than last week.
  • the 4 week average: 457,750; increase of 75,o00 from last month's average
  • (economists will not say economy is recovering until average is below 420,000)


Home Foreclosures

1st quarter of 2010 (Jan - Mar) saw a record number of foreclosed homes .... compared to one year ago, was
  • up by 35%
  • over 900,000 households
  • 1 out of every 138 homes
  • states with largest foreclosures? Nevada, Arizona, Florida, California

    Obama program to help stop foreclosures has only helped 230,000 home-owners - of course if you are one of those 230,000 home-owners, that means a lot ... but if you are one of the ones who thought you would qualify and then didn't, it means even more.

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