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Monday, April 19, 2010

Obama Time

Ok - have to both support the President on this one, and shake my head at him.

remember when the Underpants Bomber happened at Christmas and he was on vacation in Hawaii? I got on his case because the Dems jumped all over Pres. Bush for not jumping on a plane while he was in FL reading to kids during 9/11 ... Obama was on the golf course and finished his round and never did fly back to the main land to deal with it.

Okay - so we know how I feel about this sort of thing.

NOW - The Polish President & his wife, along with several important members of their government/military died in a plane crash ... Obama was supposed to go over there for the funerals (sorry, I think that is Biden's job myself - but I don't know what the protocol is on it) ... well he cancelled.


I support him on his decision.

The reason he cancelled was due to the volcano in Iceland, Mt. kejjjelllefffian (ok, that's not the name, but that's the way it looks to us Americans) ...

It coud cause AF1 to get ash in the engines and then our nation would be without a President too.
And we don't want that ...

BUT --

the press caught photos of the President on the golf course again during the time of the memorial service.

What do I think he should have been doing?
  • having a memorial service here in the US with people of Polish decent
  • visiting with a local Polish-American club to discuss policies with Poland
  • watching the Polish memorial on satellite
  • working out some sort of video uplink so he could still participate

there were lots of other things that he could have done, other than - play golf!

And they said that GW. Bush gave the idea to the world that the US doesn't care? what about this guy?

Man -- he needs some new image advisors!

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