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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Global - Warming???

Just the thing for Memorial Day - skiing:
"The lifts at Donner Ski Ranch west of Lake Tahoe will be running until the snow melts, said owner Janet Tuttle.
'We're expecting spring skiing conditions with 6 more inches of snow over the next couple of days, then a bright blue sky for the weekend,' Tuttle said Tuesday. 'Who could ask for more on Memorial weekend?'"
In case that hasn't sunk in, let me clear it up .... there is SNOW on the GROUND in CALIFORNIA in MAY/JUNE!!!!

Normally the ski season ends at the end of April and usually before for many of the resorts there ... but - gasp - its so COOL this year that the snow is STILL ON THE GROUND, and they are expecting .... um .... 6 MORE INCHES!!!!!

Yeah ....

When will it dawn on people that this has less to do with life ON Earth and more to do with the life-cycle OF Earth??

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