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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Health Care - get it under control

Its been a while - but here we go with what its really gonna cost for Health Care ... now that the bill has been passed, and they finally have gotten copies of it out for analysists to determine things ...

well its gonna cost us money - not save us money!!

Remember it was supposed to be "deficit neutral"? It wasn't going to cost Americans anything? that it would pay for itself?

Right -- we should have known better since it was coming out of Washington ...

One thing it didn't include - well it did but they took it out when they realized that they couldn't do it - was $265Billion in costs for those doctors who still accept Medicare.

The bill that passed, while putting the IRS in charge of making sure everyone has coverage or is paying for the National plan, did NOT include the cost of the extra workers/time needed to do so ... Cost? Over $105Billion

(so far that is over $340Billion to the deficit over 10 yrs)

it also did not include the over all cost of health care for the est. 430million people who will go on it ... and it didn't include those who are currently not working (unemployed) who would need to go onto it as well.

So they are now saying it will increase the Health care to $310billion by 2019, and the CBO doesn't know how much, but it is going to increase federal spending during that time as well.

if this sounds like a bunch of == HUH???

yeah ... they mean for this to be convoluted so the average person can't understand it ...

Got that new container of vaseline yet?? you are going to need a bigger one.

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