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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jolly Joker

At least I hope they are joking .... Fox News published the
Top 6 Reasons The US Government Says They Are Sueing AZ
(in other words, why the immigration law is unConstitutional)
  1. Don't waste our time, we're capturing terrorists!
  2. It's not your job
  3. We're not enforcing the law so why should you?
  4. Reasonable Suspicion ... fuggedaboutit goverment is saying that RS is not enough to detain anyone, that proof positive is needed (RS is all that's needed for a search/arrest warrent though)
  5. Be nice to disaster victims claim that people brought in from disasters in other countries would be 'hassled'
  6. We want lawful aliens to take the bus - honest! They claim that legals would be hassled if they get on public transportation ...
So let me get this straight you need to show an ID to ride the bus in Phoenix? or is it a criminal offense to ride the bus?

because the only way they can ask about whether someone is in the country legally is if there was a criminal offense -- its not a primary offense ...


so are the Democrats saying then that hispanics (and make no beef about it, the government is only concerned with the hispanic vote) have such a high rate of committing offenses that every one would be "carded"?

I'm telling you .... I don't know why other people aren't seeing how racist the Democratic party is!

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