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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Numerology Class

Looking for a Federal Job?
90% of Federal Employees think the work they are doing is important
75% say they feel a sense of "personal accomplishment"
BUT there was an overall decrease in the stat for "employee satisfaction"
1/3 of workers say that promotions in Fed jobs are given based on merit in the job place
(poll taken by the "Office of Management & Budget")

So - you can take from it that while employees feel they are important, they don't like their jobs that much and they feel people are getting promoted who don't really deserve it (you know how that goes, someone screws up at their job, so they put them in the front office - been there, done that)

$100,000 ... the price Cleveland Cavaliars head owner
was fined for speaking his mind on the trading of basketball star, Lebron James
... apparently he wrote a letter to fans (must have been published somewhere)
which accuses James of 'quitting' during the play-offs last season

... It doesnt really matter that a lot of fans had that same opinion -- but as a team owner he should have known better ... I don't know if it deserved a fine - but it was in very bad taste.

I hope he used proper punctuation & used spell check (not that I always do)


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