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Monday, July 19, 2010

Numerology Class

OOOO - I saw these on "Meet The Press" this weekend and had to share ... man, even the usual supporters of the Dem party are turning against him ...


47%_____47%______Republican Candidate
46%_____40%______Democratic candidate
Washington Post/ABC poll
July 7-11, 2010
(no stats given)

This was supposed to show that the Dems are in trouble from the independents jumping over to the other side ... but I don't know ... independents tend to vote with their pocketbook, by their own experiences, and they swing a LOT until the day of the election
the representative for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chimed in with the statistic that during the Bush administration, during the whole 8 years lost 600,000 private sector jobs ... what he didn't say was that (a) the majority of them weren't lost until the last two years and that (b) it has contiued to go up under Obama/Pelosi/Reid

He also said that there has been 'positive job growth' ... uuuhhh - you've just about hit bottom, anything is a positive from here!

And remember too that these are just the last 4 presidents ...

but some other facts to take into consideration ...

During Bush Sr's term the congress was never with him ... they were always held by the Democrats ... Under Clinton, he had 6 years where the congress was with him and the last two were against his policies (look how low unemployment got); under Bush Jr, he had 6 yrs of the House on his side, 2 against him - the senate was 4 for & 4 against ...

Obama (at the time of the stats I found) was one year for his policies, actually now its been two years ...

Sometimes I think people are fooling theirselves if they think the President has that much to do with the economy or unemployment ... it seems more tied to the Congress to me.

Oops - tangent



45% Approve
48% Disapprove

NBC/Walstreet Journal poll
June 17-21, 2010
(no stat on numbers polled or MOE)

interesting that they are using a poll from over a month ago - I'm thinking its worse than this.


interesting ... "Meet the Press" labelled this show Decision 2010, the Obama Factor and the icon they used to denote it is very simular to that used for the Federation in "Star Trek" .... hmmm ... Star Trek was supposed to be a representation of what Rodenberry thought the most perfect human society would be ... hmmm ... perhaps they are trying to send some subtle support to the Administration after all.
Technically its a star, but the way they have the word "Decision" and the "2010" over the star makes it look like the Star Trek Warp/Light speed sign.

U.S. Senate

44% Harry Reid (D-incumbent)
37% Sharron Angle (R)
10% Undecided
_5% none of these candidates

Las Vegas Review-Journal/Mason-Dixon
July 12-14
(no stats of how many polled or MOE)


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