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Monday, July 19, 2010

Oliver in a Twist

law passed in 2008 " A law passed in 2008 under Gordon Brown’s Labour government allows the government to use money from dormant bank and building-society accounts “for social or environmental purposes.” An account is dormant if the holder has made no transactions over a period of 15 years." And don't think it won't happen here ...

Geez, I guess Oliver Twist would have been left out in the cold, huh?

or what about those women who's husband's had an acct she didn't know about, which the children don't learn about until after she dies? They just lose all the money their father set aside for them?

what is that?

So let me get this straight --

the governments encourage you to save your money in the banks and not in your home so they can 'borrow' the money & pay you interest to keep the economy going ... but if actually do this - then they say 'oops you didn't do anything, so now its ours' ... naughty naughty for actually saving money!

right now its 15 yrs, but if you don't think that can't be moved back majorly -- you are majorally wrong!

You don't think they will move that down to just 3 months you are not paying attention ... there is nothing that will stop them from saying "if you don't do anything with this money for 90 days, its ours" .... in fact, it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't start limiting how long you can hold savings bonds as well.

And lets remember that Obama & the Dems WANT a more European government ---

work the workers to death for little pay ...
keep people in their classes ....
unionize everything ....
make things too expensive ....
skinny crowded housing ....
high prices ....
high taxes ....
and the governments have all the money!

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